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IDF Projects

IDF runs a number of projects in various fields including Health, Education, Skill development, and Women Empowerment. Here, you can check out various on-going projects by IDF :


Meals to heals is a campaign initiated by IDF to provide dry ration food packets to the daily wages workers and underprivileged families who are in need of food during the catastrophic times such as the lockdowns, and natural disaster such as earthquakes, cyclones etc. One dry ration kit consists of 5 kgs rice, 5 kgs Atta (wheat flour), 1 kg daal, 1 litre refined oil, 1 kgs sugar and 1 kg salt. IDF has successfully distributed dry ration kits to the families of Visually impaired individuals, who were financially affected due to the lockdown. IDF has also distributed these kits among the families of TB and cancer patients recently.


“Project Aashayein – A Ray of Hope “is dedicated to reach-out underprivileged kids who will be facilitated with books and stationary materials for their education during the start of academic year. IDF distributes these stationary kids to kids from various Bal Gurukuls throughout India.The objective is to promote the importance of education so that these kids do not dropout from schools and complete their education.

As the winter set in set in in the regions of northern India, there were requests made for blankets for poor Leprosy patients, needy people living in the leprosy colonies and elderly people. IDF, with the help of our donors distributed a large amount of blankets among these communities. The donors could directly donate blankets or  donate cash for the blankets. The cost of each blanket, including shipping and distribution was quoted as Rs.300 .


This Project is to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and provide sanitary pads/kit for a year to the needy students free of cost, to ensure that the needy students don't fall short of facilities to have a happy period.  Under Project Dignity a kit that contains 96 sanitary pads, 4 undergarments, 2 soaps, 2 towels and 1 cloth bag is distributed among underprivileged women/girls. IDF has distributed 100,000 plus kits. The kit ensures that girls are provided with free cost of sanitary pads for entire year.  IDF partners with AMSA India (Asian Medical Students Association) for menstrual/ health hygiene management in India.  Distribution of Dignity kits are organized by the medical students from AMSA India. IDF aims to reach-out to 1 million women/ girls in India.  #MissionONEMillion #DignityProject.


Project SuiDhagaJi is a program designed to empower women through Skill development. The concept here is to provide sewing Machine, and a suitable place, training material and a trainer. The training Centre operates as the basic tailoring learning Centre and also imparts specialized training like embroidery and soft-toy making. The knowledge and the acumen gathered here in this program will further help them to have a productive unit of their own from where they can flourish and grow. Recently, the women of the SudDhagaJi centre in Mumbai made over 75,000 flags for the governments "Har Ghar Tiranga" project. The SuiDhagaJi centres also welcomed women from the transgender community to become a part of this project. 


STREAMline aims to help students to prepare for their competitive exams like JEE and NEET which will help students to get admission in medical and engineering colleges.  Through STREAMline, IDF aims to provide assistance to the underprivileged students who wish to give competitive exams. Students for STREAMline are selected through a series of entrance exams, aptitute test, group discussion and personal interview. Also the students who are selected for this programme come from a economically weaker section of the society.  A team of faculties and counsellors shortlist the students and they are prepared for the entrance exams.  Once the students get through the entrance and secure admission in government colleges, IDF also initiates support for their completion of the professional course.

IDF aims to achieve "Super 200" by 2030.  - create 100 doctors and 100 IITians from this project. 

IDF launched this initiative on 26th of Januuary 2021 and the coaching takes place at Pragnya Bodhini High School, Goregoan East, Mumbai 400063.  IDF partners with Phasor Academy for Project STREAMline.

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Education is of prime importance. IDF Bal Gurukul projects are a success proven sustainable development model.  IDF in its diversified objectives has included village development and education programmes into its fold. development. From a humble beginning in tribal area in Maharashtra and also in Langadiyawas village in Rajasthan, IDF now has 300 plus Bal Gurukuls covering the length and breadth of our country. 

IDF Railway Bal Gurukul, Secunderabad  3_edited_edited.jpg

SHAAN stands for Self Help Aatmanirbhar.  Project SHAAN of IDF is aimed at empowering Self Help Group Women & helping them achieve Financial Independence so that they may sustain their families and continue education of their children. The Project involved providing complimentary Multi Use 3 Layer Cloth Face Masks as per WHO guidelines to under served societies so that they may remain safe and secure from COVID infection and in turn keep our society safe. With the economic crisis, many of these needy people couldn't afford to buy a mask which is mandatory for their safety and wellbeing. SHAAN helped them tide over this difficulty and helped them avoid the virus. The Face Masks at Project SHAAN are stitched by self help group women. A part of the proceeds from each mask goes to the woman for her effort & service , thereby helping her sustain her family and continue children’s education.


Meri Paathshala

Meri pathshala is one of the unique projects of IDF. The concept stems from the need to upgrade the existing facility and thereby making the school a place where the students would love to go to and would be proud to be a part of that institution. Therefore the existing facility undergoes a total facelift in terms of its structure, design, interiors, furniture, and energy facilitation through the solar power, and washroom up gradation. This actually then has a visual impact on the villagers and the students, who would ,otherwise would not have attended to school due lack of facilities. We have completed one project completely in Dahanu and the second one is under way also at Dahanu.

A large section of women in India, both in rural and urban slums need to be educated and empowered. As the first step, Indian Development Foundation launched its first women empowerment programme at Hyderabad in collaboration with Centre for Social Service.  A group of women were presented with tailoring machine and embroidery machine.  Now the project has taken good shape and the trained women are able to make products which can help them to generate income for their livelihood. IDF in its next step is going ahead in educating the women in urban slums, particularly parents of the children studying in IDF Bal Gurukuls.  The programme is designed to suit the home-makers as it will help them to get acclimatized with their wards education.

Under the project W2k, IDF collects old news papers from the community and gives them for recycling. The funds gathered by selling these newspapers are used to fund the Bal Gurukuls run by IDF. Every 2 Kg of donated paper can support a Child’s education for a week.

Aim of these programs is to educate every child by creating a platform where they participate under the guidance of expert mentors to draw out the potential in them thereby removing the fear and igniting a spark of positive attitude and enthusiasm, to empower every child by making them aware of the limitless possibilities which can be created in his own life thereby building confidence in him and this will bring meaningful transformation, To enlighten every child by imparting values that will help him to effectively organize himself, thereby developing a social attitude so that he contributes back to the society.

During 2020-2021,  we have introduced Military Leadership Values Programme.  It's a 90 min X 4 sessions, spread in 2 weeks. (2 sessions in a week ) and the same is conducted by retired armedpersonnel. The officers will .share their life journey in 4 sessions and impart 8 values. We did MLVP in a few colleges and multiple sessions to cover more students. It has been well accepted by the students. It's now a success proven model for imparting values and discipline in young minds. Also it will help those who aspire for Defence force as their career.  Its open for all undergrads and also NCC/ NSS groups. Again it can be an offline or onlin/ virtual session for a batch size of 50 students. For those who attend all the 4 sessions will receive a certificate of participation. MLVP is an offering by IDF to the students which is purely complimentary.MLVP will be a joint programme of IDF and the college and we will be incorporating. We have a simple feedback system through google form for each session which will be filled by students at the end of the session.

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) has come up with Centre of Excellence - a holistic sustainable development model. IDF CofE is a great boon for empowering youth in this country. It is a kind of finishing school for the graduates/ engineering students who will be trained before they enter the market. We could see a large number of graduates/ engineers from rural India are unemployable despite their qualifications. Youth development should be taken as a cause and we thought it fit to take it through IDF CofE. Incidentally, the centre at Bangalore also works for women empowerment and also includes a  IDF Bal Gurukul. 

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