The Dignity Project

IDF Dignity Project is to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and provide sanitary pads/kit for a year to the needy students free of cost, to ensure that the needy students don't fall short of facilities to have a happy period.  Under Project Dignity a kit that contains 100 sanitary pads, 4 undergarments, 2 soups, 1 towel and 1 cloth bag is distributed among underprivileged women. IDF has distributed 1,000,000 plus kits. The kit ensures that girls are provided with free cost of sanitary pads for entire year.  A distribution of these kits by young medical students in coordination with IDF was carried out, with a aim of distributing over 1 million kits. Overall Women’s empowerment project is initiated by IDF so that all girls are fully educated about women body system, health issues and taking care as the age grows.