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Project Shaan

SHAAN stands for Self Help Aatmanirbhar.  Project SHAAN of IDF is aimed at empowering Self Help Group Women & helping them achieve Financial Independence so that they may sustain their families and continue education of their children. The Project involved providing complimentary Multi Use 3 Layer Cloth Face Masks as per WHO guidelines to under served societies so that they may remain safe and secure from COVID infection and in turn keep our society safe. With the economic crisis, many of these needy people couldn't afford to buy a mask which is mandatory for their safety and wellbeing. SHAAN helped them tide over this difficulty and helped them avoid the virus. The Face Masks at Project SHAAN are stitched by self help group women. A part of the proceeds from each mask goes to the woman for her effort & service , thereby helping her sustain her family and continue children’s education.

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