The Dignity Project

IDF Dignity Project is to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and provide sanitary pads/kit for a year to the needy students free of cost, to ensure that the needy students don't fall short of facilities to have a happy period.

Hugging a Pillow

Aashayein - A ray of hope

“Project Aashayein – A Ray of Hope “is dedicated to reach-out underprivileged kids who will be facilitated with books and stationary materials for their education during the start of academic year. The objective is to promote the importance of education so that these kids do not dropout from schools and complete their education.

School Kid


Indian Development Foundation (IDF) organizes a training workshop for school students. The programme, Student Leadership Programme (SLP) is a 16-hour power-packed programme.  Every Saturdays for 8 weeks for 2 hours each.  7 days of life-skill training and the eighth day is for certificate presentation to all the students.


IDF Bal Gurukul

Education is of prime importance. IDF Bal Gurukul projects are a success proven sustainable development model.  IDF in its diversified objectives has included village development and education programmes into its fold. 


UMEED-A ray of hope for better tomorrow

“Project UMEED” is an initiative of Indian Development Foundation to support students with their school fees. The project is dedicated for children who have single parent or who are orphans. Also the support is extended to children who are extremely poor facing financial difficulties.



This will provide Employability Skills for Students at the Colleges to help them be the Leaders of tomorrow. IDF partners with Corporate/Industry speakers who will help the students in acquiring a specific skill from the 21st Century Citizen Skills framework.