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As IDF has begun its International chapter, We request your valuable sponsorship for the charity’s international fund raising events to support the educational projects for Indian children in need. The education projects work towards the empowerment of first generation school goers from poor households who desperately need additional educational support to continue with their education.

Objectives of Indian Development Foundation - UK : 

The UK chapter began in 2013 as individual donations to IDF- India. In 2014, it developed as a Goodness Beyond Boundaries dialogue at Birbeck University. In 2015, a team of like-minded professionals came together to volunteer their time and resources to further the cause of children's education. This is now slowly evolving with individual donations and hopefully organisational donations in the future. The main objective of the UK chapter is:

  • To provide additional learning support for school children from poor and vulnerable families in India who attend IDF supplementary education groups called Bal Gurukuls. 

  • To create an eco-system for learning and development to empower a group of poor children in India attending IDF Bal Gurukuls.

In order to achieve these objectives IDF-UK’s main operational priority is to support Bal Gurukul projects in India through individual donations and fundraising events.

Bal Gurukul System – Background:

Indian Development Foundation’s (India) grass-root work with economically disadvantaged and vulnerable populations brought about the Bal Gurukul System in 2005. IDF now has 300 plus Bal Gurukuls covering the length and breadth of our country

It is well documented that educational achievements have done wonders for vulnerable families and developing the community. The Government of India’s right to education provides free education but often these schools are long distances away from home, often with very poor infrastructural support and no learning support for those children who are struggling to keep up with the pressures of education. There are many poor households who send their children to government schools with great difficulty and are unable to do anything more. A large number of this student population do not have literate parents to support and guide their education. There are also a sizeable number of children growing in orphanages and reliant on inconsistent support for their growth and development. Often the children living in difficult circumstances are too hungry or undernourished to be able to concentrate on learning. This significantly affects their school attendance and motivation. On analysis, it was noted that the inability to receive additional support for school work and not having a conducive educational eco system was the reason for the majority of school drop-outs both in primary and secondary schools.
In response to this need, the Indian Development Foundation has designed a low cost, high value initiative.  Within the constraints of resources and logistics, the multi course, outside school time initiative is popularly known as Bal Gurukul System (BGS). After establishing the first BGS for poor rural children in Rajasthan in 2005 and systematically continuing the initial phase a standard model was abstracted. Subsequently overthe years, 195 Bal Gurukul units (April 2016) were created which provides education empowerment to over 9000 students across India. Each Bal Gurukul supports approximately 50 children. Apart from teaching and guidance, activities such as festival celebrations, educational visit to museums, planetariums are also provided for a holistic learning. Also ingrained in the BGS is women’s empowerment and inclusive growth of the girl child. BGS is served by dedicated woman teachers in class settings which have a majority of girl children. BGS stands validated as a viable and sustainable model of intervention to safeguard against student drop-out from vulnerable segments of society.

For any queries- within United Kingdom or Europe, please contact:

Suja Chandran, Founder
Indian Development Foundation (UK)
Facebook- LINK
Fund raising events in UK are organised throughout the year. The following is the bank details for all organisational and individual donations. Receipts are sent for all donations. Progress Reports of beneficiaries are shared as agreed.
Indian Development Foundation UK Ltd
Natwest Bank Account No: 55841236
Sort Code: 60-08-01

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